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What Is A Wheat Pack

A Wheat Pack is a natural way to warm and sooth aches and pains.

Made with high quality cotton fabric and filled with triple cleaned wheat.

Heated in a microwave for up to 3 minutes, the wheat holds the warmth for over a hour.

It is a safer and natural way over using a rubber hot water bottle.

The durable but soft fabric allows for comfortable use and an ability to mould your body shape, which is great for those super curvy areas such as your neck, knees and shoulders.

By applying a heat pack to your painful joints and muscles, the heat stimulates your sensory receptors to block the transmission of pain signals to the brain, resulting in instant and effective pain relief.

They can be used to help relieve:

• Muscle & Joint Stiffness

• Sports Injuries

• Sprains & Strains

• Tension & Stress

• Headaches & Migraines

• Menstrual & Endometriosis Pains

& so much more

How Does Heat Help You?

By increasing tissue elasticity, heat reduces your resting muscle tension and helps to relax those nasty painful knots.

Your pain quickly eases via the sedation and soothing of any pain-irritated nerve


The profound heating increases your blood flow to the painful area, bringing more nutrients to the injured area while flushing out the damaged debris.

This flush-out helps to quicken your healing rate. The deep heat also promotes a speedier healing rate by stimulating your natural metabolic rate. In other words, there is more energy available to fix the injury quicker.

Microwave Heat Pack for 1-3 minutes - with a small amount of water in a cup or glass next to heat pack when warming up. This adds moisture to the wheat so it doesn't dry out (smells or burns)


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