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These Soothing Eye Packs are light and comfortable to place over the eyes or  forehead. 

They are a great size for small children too.


Naturally relieves and soothes:

• Tired eyes.

• Seasonal allergies.

• Headaches & migraines.

• Dry eye ~ MGD (Meibomian gland dysfunction) may lead to eyelid inflammation, called blepharitis.



  • We care about quality and safety, that’s why our wheat packs are Certified to comply with the NZ Standard: AS/NZS 5116-2016.
  • (This means they have been put through thorough testing in a NZ laboratory to make sure that the fabric, wheat and microwaving instuctions are safe and you can happily use these with confidence).
  • Our Wheat Packs are made with NZ triple cleaned premium wheat.  (This process ensures the highest quality wheat which maximizes heat retention) and high-quality & durable cotton fabric.


Soothing Eye Pack - Orange Leaf

  • 1. Lay the Soothing Eye Pack flat onto the microwave turntable. 

    2. Always place 1/2 a cup of water in the microwave next to the wheat pack for moisture. (NOTE: take caution when removing heat pack from microwave that the cup of water doesnt tip over as may cause burns)

    3. Heat for 1 minute then take out and shake the pack to distribute heat.

    4. Re-heat for 1 minute if more warmth is desired. 

    NOTE: The facial and eye skin is very sensitive so we recommend letting the Soothing Eye Pack cool down before placing on the eyes or face. Remove after 1 min then re apply if needed.

    (Instructions also included in the packaging)

  • Soothing Eye Packs can also be used as an ICE PACK.

    Perfect for high temperatures, insect bites, bumps and bruises.

    Instructions:  Place the Soothing Eye Pack in a plastic bag then put in the freezer for 1 hour.

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