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Kite Country Classics wheat packs.

Soothing Wheat Packs
Made in Wellington,
New Zealand

Welcome to

Kite Country Classics

Our specialty lies in creating high quality Wheat Packs, also known as Heat Bags or Wheat Warmers. 


Hand crafted with love in Wellington, New Zealand our natural heat packs are amazing for


Soothing and Relieving

  • Muscle Pain

  • Period Cramps

  • Sore, Stiff Muscles

  • Back Pain

  • Neck and Shoulder Tension

  • Endometriosis Pain

  • Headache and Migraine relief

and much more.

Just pop into a microwave for 3 minutes (with a little cup of water for moisture) and have over an hour of natural healing.

winter warmer lavender.jpg
Photo of Kite Country Classics wearable wheat pack on a woven flax mat background.

Wheat Packs

We have a selection of different styles of Wheat Packs.

  • Regular

  • Wearable

  • Square

  • Eye Packs.

They are designed to contour to your body, providing targeted relief.

Simply heat in the microwave for instant comfort, easing tension and promoting relaxation.

Experience the therapeutic benefits today and discover why they're a must-have for every home.

Best Sellers

Kite Country Classics

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Wheat Pack

Microwave Heating Instructions

Customer Reviews

Lisa Toseland

I have a number of wheat packs I purchased.

 I use one regularly when I have a miagraine, warm it up and lay it over my eyes and forehead preventing any light getting to my eyes!!

They last forever and the fabric/ fillings are fabulous quality!!

Totally recommended!!

We love our wheatpacks!! 

My children and I have one each and they are perfect for warming our beds in winter months.

Beautiful quality and ours have lasted us years!

I love these wheat-packs!!

I use them after netball to help soothe my aching muscles.

My muscles feel so much better after using them.

My favourite is the wearable wheat-pack that i can tie on around my upper back and still be mobile around the house.

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